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We replace windshields on all vehicle makes and models.

Visit us for an evaluation of any damage, no matter how small it seems! We offer Drop-in service on Monday to Friday, so drive by and we will evaluate your problem in minutes and repair whatever is needed in no time! We are available on weekends, but you need to schedule an appointment first.

The windshield is an important structural part of any car

Windshields on newer cars are part of the load-bearing structure of the chassis/vehicle body. It is therefore very important that a windshield is installed correctly by a professional company that possesses know-how about how windshields are installed.

A car’s windshield is an important part of the car’s structure and decisive for passenger safety. Most damage to a windshield comes from flying pebbles or other objects thrown up by the tires on passing vehicles.

A chipped or damaged windshield means part of the load-bearing and safety features of your car are weakened. It is therefore important to have this repaired or replaced by a professional who offers quality products.

We replace windshields on more than 1000 cars a year.

We can replace windshields, side windows and rear windows on all makes and models. Bilglass1 replaces 1000-1100 windshields a year. We offer the best price and best service. Contact us today by filling in the Contact Form on the left of this page, or call us day or night at 04 123.

Have any questions or comments about repair or replacement of windshields? Contact us today by filling in the Contact Form on this page, or call us day or night at tel. 04 123. We have 24-hour emergency service. Call us any time by phone, and we answer e-mails in no time at all.

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