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Sun film

Sun film is a convenient and good investment for your car

When people think of sun film, they mostly think about smoked glass and youngsters. Many people have also seen do-it-yourself kits that leave bubbles and creases. Professional sun film is of a completely different quality, which is customised to suit each window of your car with perfect results.

Why choose sun film from Bilglass1?

Our sun film also prevents virtually all harmful and bleaching UV rays that would penetrate through the window/glass. Protection for skin and car interior. Sun film a sensible investment, especially if you have kids and/or a dog. Even though sun screens/roller blinds with suction cups do provide shade, remember that the UV radiation still gets through the holes in these materials.

The quality of sun film is decisive for the longevity of the product. Our sun film does not scratch when washed or during maintenance, and it does not fade or crack. Sun film is available in many grades, and you do not need the darkest film to achieve good results with regard to solar heat. All sun films have the same level of UV protection, regardless of darkness or colour.

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