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We offer:

  • Free* loaner vehicle

  • 24-hour emergency service telephone: 04 123

  • Free** windshield chip repair!

  • Drop-in service

  • Car pick-up and delivery service

  • All makes and models

  • Sun film and decor

  • Windshield wipers for all types of cars

* To replace or repair auto glass
**comprehensive and limited vehicle insurance

Professional sun film

Sun film is a convenient and good investment for your car

When people think of sun film, they mostly think about smoked glass and youngsters. Many people have also seen do-it-yourself kits that leave bubbles and creases. Professional sun film is of a completely different quality, customised to suit each window of your car with perfect results.

Side windows

Visit one of our repair shops to find out if your side window needs to be replaced or if it is possible to repair it instead. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Rear windows

A car’s rear window

A car’s rear window is an important part of the chassis.
Rear windows tend to have several different functions on newer models.

For example:

  • Electric heating using heated threads

  • A different glass colour than the other windows

  • An antenna can be fastened to the rear window

  • Rain and light sensors

  • Windshield wiper screwed through a hole in the window

We can fix any rear window regardless of complexity or accessories!
We can easily identify the correct window for your vehicle and fix it for you!


We replace windshields on all vehicle makes and models.

Visit us for an evaluation of any damage, no matter how small it seems! We offer Drop-in service on Monday to Friday, so drive by and we will evaluate your problem in minutes and repair whatever is needed in no time! We are available on weekends, but you need to schedule an appointment first.

The windshield is an important structural part of any car

Windshields on newer cars are part of the load-bearing structure of the chassis/vehicle body. It is therefore very important that a windshield is installed correctly by a professional company that possesses know-how about how windshields are installed.

Chip repair

Chip repair?

You can borrow a car from us while we repair the chip damage or replace your windshield.

We offer 24-hour emergency service to replace or repair auto glass, and we always repair the problem quickly and effectively.

We offer same day chip repair
You never have to wait long before your car is ready. We are fast and efficiently.

24-hour service
Our emergency telephone 04 123 is always manned. Fast and efficient service is guaranteed.

Damage reporting form

Report damage?

Click on the link below and use the downloadable version of the official auto glass damage reporting form.

Damage reporting form (button)

Give us a call or fill in our contact form (“Contact us today”) on the right side of the page if you have any trouble downloading the form or if you have any questions about filling it in. We are happy to help you fill in the damage reporting form.

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